New Template

How to create a site from a new template.

UA0 Template

Download Template Here: ua0

This template is a blank template that comes with pre-installed MDB Bootstrap, Bootstrap, JQuery,  Font Awesome.
All of the above components come with MDB Bootstrap. To update – download latest version of MDB,
If something doesn’t work – see addons and addons-pro folders, also images folder inside MDB bootstrap install folder. You might need to get those additional elements.

To download latest MDB use this link:

  1. Create new subscription in Plesk.
  2. Go to file manager and delete all of the files.
  3. Navigate in plesk to the startup template for example: UA0 and click “Clone”
  4. When cloning has finished, go to your new domain and go to phpMyAdmin change username of admin login.
  5. Go to plesk WP installation administration and setup a new password. Record in Access excel doc.
  6. Last but not least setup FTP account in Plesk.